Young Centenary Foundation Supporter Shaves for Cancer Research

Young Centenary Foundation

In one of the most courageous displays of love we’ve ever seen, Sarah Bornstein has pledged to shave her head in support of her dear friend Geraldine Somers, and to raise much-needed funds for cancer research in Australia.

Geraldine has been a supporter of the Young Centenary Foundation’s work since day one, and was sadly diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma a few months ago. Over the weekend, in a very brave move, Geraldine shaved off her beautiful brown locks, which had been falling out as a result of her chemotherapy treatment. As Sarah explains, she has chosen to lose her locks, but others are not so lucky.

Please get behind this beautiful gesture. Sarah’s final tally stands at $13,313.11 in donations, so if you can, let’s help her push the amount even further. All funds raised will go directly towards funding cancer research at the Centenary Institute, and every dollar counts.

View the support for Sarah’s beautiful gesture.