Insight Centenary: The possibility of medical research

The possibility of what we can discover from the very fundamental research we do on chronic diseases is what makes my work really interesting.

PhD scholar Tom Guy, T cell Biology

PhD scholar Tom Guy, T cell Biology

As a child, some of my close family suffered from cancer, so when I started university I became fascinated with the study of tumour immunology. I found it intriguing that people were looking to the immune system to fight off cancer as a new form of treatment.

Now that I’m working at Centenary I’ve been able to do 
just that. I’m essentially investigating the best strategy for the immune system to stop tumour growth. I look at two cell types, CD4 T cells and B cells, and how these two cells work together to kill tumours once regulatory T cells (T regs) are switched off. T regs are the network managers of our immune system. Continue reading

Getting to the heart of topline research

Dr Jodie Ingles

NHMRC/National Heart Foundation early career fellow, Dr Jodie Ingles is a much awarded Centenary Institute researcher who is in demand—and her work could lead to a significant change in how we care for people with a genetic heart disease

Among the most significant findings of her PhD studies, supervised by Professor Chris Semsarian, is that genetic testing is a cost effective approach to managing families with genetic heart disease. Jodie also found that it has no lasting psychological impact on those tested, even in those who test gene-positive. Continue reading

La vie en rose

PhD Scholar Caitlin Gillis

Congratulations to one of our research assistants, Caitlin Gillis, who is off to Paris on a full scholarship to undertake a PhD at the Pasteur Institute.

Caitlin is one of only nine students selected from around the world for the highly competitive Pasteur – Paris University International Doctoral Program.

“Science is such an international discipline, especially at the Centenary Institute: there are people from all over the world working here,” Caitlin says. Continue reading