Cardiology, TB, ageing and immunology

Centenary wins support for research thrust


The latest NHMRC funding will help Centenary's ground-breaking research, such as in the T-Cell Biology lab, headed by Professor Barbara Fazekas de St Groth.

Centenary scientists have won over $5 million in the latest NHMRC grant round – with seven research grants and three early career fellowships.

The development of a TB vaccine, the genetic regulation of ageing, the fundamental workings of the immune system, the genetic basis of heart disease—these are some of the research areas of key interest to Centenary Institute for which the Australian Government has announced funding through the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Centenary also boasts three new NHMRC Early-Career Fellows along with seven significant research projects in the medical research funding released on Friday.

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Getting to the heart of topline research

Dr Jodie Ingles

NHMRC/National Heart Foundation early career fellow, Dr Jodie Ingles is a much awarded Centenary Institute researcher who is in demand—and her work could lead to a significant change in how we care for people with a genetic heart disease

Among the most significant findings of her PhD studies, supervised by Professor Chris Semsarian, is that genetic testing is a cost effective approach to managing families with genetic heart disease. Jodie also found that it has no lasting psychological impact on those tested, even in those who test gene-positive. Continue reading