Radio Interview: Prostate cancer’s Achilles’ heel uncovered

The Holst Effect‘The Holst effect’ opens up new therapeutic options for prostate cancer treatment.

A team of researchers from Sydney, Vancouver, Adelaide and Brisbane are getting closer to a new treatment for prostate cancer that relies on starving tumours of essential nutrients they need to grow.

Listen to Dr Jeff Holst talk to 6PR Radio about this latest discovery.

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Doping to Win: Professor John Rasko explains EPO abuse

John Rasko ABC CatalystCentenary Institute’s Professor John Rasko AO, Group Head of our Gene and Stem Cell Therapy lab, talked to Dr Maryanne Demasi about the use of life enhancing drugs in sports on the latests episode of Catalyst.

Professor Rasko explains how Erythropoietin (EPO) improves a persons stamina, as Catalyst investigates the substances at the forefront of the sports doping controversy.

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