Radio Interview: Prostate cancer’s Achilles’ heel uncovered

The Holst Effect‘The Holst effect’ opens up new therapeutic options for prostate cancer treatment.

A team of researchers from Sydney, Vancouver, Adelaide and Brisbane are getting closer to a new treatment for prostate cancer that relies on starving tumours of essential nutrients they need to grow.

Listen to Dr Jeff Holst talk to 6PR Radio about this latest discovery.

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How ‘junk DNA’ can control cell development

Centenary Institute Cell

Cell is regarded as one of the most prestigious journal to publish in.

Researchers from the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at Sydney’s Centenary Institute have confirmed that, far from being “junk”, the 97 per cent of human DNA that does not encode instructions for making proteins can play a significant role in controlling cell development.

And in doing so, the researchers have unravelled a previously unknown mechanism for regulating the activity of genes, increasing our understanding of the way cells develop and opening the way to new possibilities for therapy.

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Spotlight on a Scientist: Part 3 of LB’s why I run series

Dr Jeff Holst

Dr Jeff Holst, Head of Origins of Cancer group at the Centenary Institute and YCF member

LB asked me the question – “So, why are you running?” At first, I thought the answer was quite simple, I’m running to raise money for my own research team who are studying melanoma, breast and prostate cancer.

That’s the easy answer, but in reality there is a fundamental principle that drives me to be involved in fundraising – specifically that medical research is underfunded, and we should be doing all we can to support it, as it in turn supports and extends our lives.

This year is a bit of a shift for me, as over the past 5 years I’ve been involved in Movember. This stemmed from my research interests in prostate cancer, which have been funded by the money raised through Movember and distributed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. But this year, I decided rather than do nothing for a month (ie – not shaving) I would step it up and train to run the City2Surf.

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