Immune balance key to good health

Immune systemAt the Centenary Institute we’re learning more about the immune system to help in the fight against cancer.

Why is it that some of our individual immune systems are susceptible to particular diseases while others are protected?

Is our western lifestyle increasing chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes?

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Snooping on the interplay of molecules

Centenary’s Cytometry, Imaging and IT Manager, Dr Adrian Smith

What can you discover with the latest Leica ground state depletion super-resolution microscope at between 40 and 60 millionths of a millimetre? Structures inside cells right down to the level of large molecules, such as proteins.

Given that much of the work of Centenary researchers is involved with studying protein interactions, there is already a lively queue forming to use the new Leica microscope, the first in the Southern Hemisphere. It has been acquired in collaboration with Sydney University’s Faculty of Science, the Sydney Medical School, the School of Medical Sciences, Bosch Institute, the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM) and Leica Microsystems itself. Continue reading