Spotlight on a Scientist: Part 3 of LB’s why I run series

Dr Jeff Holst

Dr Jeff Holst, Head of Origins of Cancer group at the Centenary Institute and YCF member

LB asked me the question – “So, why are you running?” At first, I thought the answer was quite simple, I’m running to raise money for my own research team who are studying melanoma, breast and prostate cancer.

That’s the easy answer, but in reality there is a fundamental principle that drives me to be involved in fundraising – specifically that medical research is underfunded, and we should be doing all we can to support it, as it in turn supports and extends our lives.

This year is a bit of a shift for me, as over the past 5 years I’ve been involved in Movember. This stemmed from my research interests in prostate cancer, which have been funded by the money raised through Movember and distributed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. But this year, I decided rather than do nothing for a month (ie – not shaving) I would step it up and train to run the City2Surf.

My other reason for running is that I recently joined a group of enthusiastic young people on the board of the Young Centenary Foundation. These non-scientists have a passion to see people engage with, and support, medical research, and together we aim to raise $10,000 through the City2Surf.

While the ultimate goal is fundraising, we are focused on raising the awareness of young people (25-35) to the needs and benefits of medical research. By making medical research a part of our culture, including support through donations, we hope to change our future, so that we will not have to live with the fear and devastation caused by disease.

So, I come back to the original question, “Why am I running?” Perhaps the simple answer we should all give is “Why not?” – whether that be running, or donating, or simply taking an interest in medical research.

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