Running is not riding

LB on her usual mode of transport, Stormy.

LB on her usual mode of transport, Stormy.

As the majority of my workout involves sitting atop a 13 year old grey thoroughbred asking him for a soft, calm and collected walk, trot and canter, this whole running thing is new to me. So the first week or real training in Centennial Park has kicked my butt a bit.

That’s not to say that riding doesn’t take a lot of energy or muscle – you try keeping a 600 kilo animal under control and doing what you want with just your arms and calves! But it’s definitely a different set of muscles, and at the end of the day I’d like a bigger reward than a carrot and a pat on the nose.

My own personal goals for this run aside, this brings me back to the promise I made to tell the stories that matter the most in fundraising, or in achieving any target. These are stories that come from the runners/fundraisers themselves – the stories of why they joined the team, why they believe in medical research to save lives, and what motivates them in their efforts.

So with that promise in mind, I shine the spotlight on Run4Research team member Anna Lawrence. Here’s what Anna had to say about why she’s running this year.