New Appointment to Faculty

Faculty at Centenary Institute

Mika Jormakka, the latest appointment to Faculty at Centenary.

We’re delighted to report the appointment of Associate Professor, Mika Jormakka, to Faculty at the Centenary Institute.

Mika is currently head of the Structural Biology group at Centenary, whose research into membrane transport in health and disease, aims to tailor drugs in order to increase their efficiency and to reduce side effects.

He hopes that “the important discoveries made by the Structural Biology group will eventually lead to the commercialisation of drugs that will improve the effectiveness of treatments such as chemotherapy and antibiotics.”

Mika previously completed his Masters Degree at Stockholm University and PhD at Imperial College London. He obtained the prestigious EMBO Fellowship and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of New South Wales, where he also determined the first membrane protein structure in Australia, before relocating to the Centenary Institute and establishing the Structural Biology group.

He is currently also a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney.

Find out more about Mika’s research and the Structural Biology group here  -