Motherpedia: How bioinformatics is transforming medicine


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Our Executive Director, Professor Matthew Vadas, has guest blogged for Motherpedia this month, a blog by mothers for mothers, on the topic of how bioinformatics is transforming medicine.

Professor Vadas talks about how bioinformatics is critical to the development of personalised medicine and will result in significant changes in prevention, treatment & possibly cures.

He says that an obvious lesson from many years of research into conditions such as cancer, TB, liver and heart disease is that there is simply no one single cause or cure. The systems of the human body – and biology in general – are simply too complex, and we are only just now becoming able to deal with them.

Professor Matthew Vadas AO

Professor Matthew Vadas AO

Bioinformatics is critical to the development of personalised approaches in medicine. It empowers clinicians to use the right drug for the right person, it empowers families by giving a more accurate forecast for cures, and it empowers the researchers in their targets for drug discovery.

These essential components ensure that findings are translated into better patient outcomes in areas such as heart disease, cancer, liver and diabetes, to name a few.

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