LB’s take on the 2012 City2Surf and our Run4Research team

Last year I started the run with Wil D’Avigdor from Centenary's Liver lab...needless to say we did not finish together as he's really fast!

Last year I started the run with Wil D’Avigdor from Centenary's Liver lab...needless to say we did not finish together as he's really fast!

20 weeks away from the 2012 City2Surf, that’s like 5 months…that’s ages right? I keep telling myself that as days slip into weeks and my running shoes sit on my shoe-rack collecting dust and probably playing a cosy home to a few spiders. Not the best start to training for someone who doesn’t even run to catch a cab or a bus!

But I’m not in running mode, not yet at least. Right now I’m in fundraising mode – trying to put together a team of 30 energetic, passionate and committed runners/fundraisers to double last year’s efforts and raise $30,000 for medical research at the Centenary Institute in the Gold Charity Zone, an all-new space just behind the Red Zone, the elite runners who have finished the run in 4 seconds.

Like most things, I tend to sensationalise these events (typical Sagittarius behaviour from what I hear). My initial thought was, my Gawd! 30 runners is a lot and to each raise $1,000…maybe it can’t be done. And like most things, I turned out to be wrong, well not to jump the gun, but it’s looking that way anyway.

In less than a month since the Gold Charity registries opened we have amassed a team of 9 so far – that’s almost a third of the way there! And our ‘Run4Research’ Team is the #1 fundraising team on the official City2Surf website! (Insert applause)

Now I know we still have a ways to go, especially with hitting our fundraising target (and let’s not even begin to think about how I’m going to run up that Da#n hill), but hey it’s a heck of a start out of the gate!

Like any other passionate fundraiser, what interests me most about all this is the many reasons why people choose to run the City2Surf and why they are fundraising for the Centenary Institute.

I hope to bring you their stories in the coming months, as our training evolves and our fundraising efforts sky rocket!

For now, I’ll leave you with a few of mine in the hopes that it may garner some donations to the team (shameless I know – is that a Sag trait too??) or at the very least generate a bit of thought on participating in a fundraising event like the City2Surf.


LB’s top reasons to Run in the 2012 City2Surf

  1. Despite an early start on training, my hopes for a steady run in the 2011 City2Surf were dashed due to a broken pelvis I sustained in a horseback riding accident a few weeks before the run (in all fairness though I didn’t know it was broken until after I did the City2Surf!) Alas, I could only muster a walk. This year I’d like to give it another go and actually run it the whole way through!
  2. 2012 is my last year in my 20s, so what better way to kiss my youth goodbye and show the young’uns that I may be older, but I’m still just as fast!
  3. I have to fit into a very small (never tried on) Bridesmaid’s dress in June for my sister’s wedding. Let’s face it, some running would help.
  4. This year I became an Aunty for the first time to Jace Douglas Jamaica – the light of my life and reason for wanting him to grow up in world where he never hears a doctor say “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do”. A world where diseases are treatable and not insufferable. A world where he can focus on only the good things and joys that life brings.
  5. Medical research is awesome, and I personally know the researchers at the Centenary Institute (having worked here for over 3 years) and I believe in them and their research. It helps saves lives, it reduces suffering and it keeps the people I love happy, healthy and able to support me when I do fun stuff like this!

For more information on the 2012 City2Surf or to get your spot in the Gold Zone click here.

To follow the Run4Research team’s progress, or to donate please click here.

  • Kirsten Lodge

    What a great post, LB. I’ve become an aunty too so I hear you on that one. And I wholeheartedly agree about Centenary researchers. What an inspiring group of people. Good luck in the City2Surf!

    • L Albanese

      Thanks Kirsten!!!