Grants for Centenary’s tuberculosis and hepatitis C research

Dr David Bowen, Group Head Liver Immunology

Dr David Bowen, Group Head Liver Immunology, was one of the Centenary researchers that received funding.

Two Centenary researchers have received bridging grants from The University of Sydney to support projects in tuberculosis and hepatitis C.

Dr Bernadette Saunders received the funding for her work in the area of tuberculosis. Bernadette and her team are investigating the way in which cells communicate with each other when infected with the disease.

Bernadette’s research is important in light of the recent news that new cases of total drug resistant TB have been detected in India as reported on the Nature website.

Liver immunologist, Dr David Bowen, also received funding for his work in liver disease associated with hepatitis C, including liver failure and liver cancer. These two conditions are now the leading indication for liver transplantation globally.

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