Centenary Australia and Vietnam fight TB together

Centenary Scientist Dr Greg Fox in Vietnam

Centenary Scientist Dr Greg Fox in Vietnam

This week, Centenary is helping Vietnamese medical researchers to plan their next move against tuberculosis, a disease that once was Australia’s top killer and still kills 54,000 people each year in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s National Tuberculosis Program deputy head Nguyen Viet Nhung and his delegation are inspecting Centenary Institute’s new PC3 lab, meeting Australian colleagues who also work on TB visiting our research partners at the Woolcock Institute, and sharing research progress and strengthening ties.

We still don’t know why only one in ten of the two billion people carrying the Mycobacteria tuberculosis bacterium become sick with TB. But the disease kills more than a million people worldwide every year – or about three every minute. Dr Nhung, with the help of our team at Centenary Institute and Woolcock in Australia, are helping to defeat this scourge in Vietnam, where 290,000 people are living with TB. The Vietnamese group is using the trip to Australia to set an agenda for their research over the next three to five years.

I live and work in Vietnam and it has some of the highest rates of TB in Asia. Australia can play a role in combating TB there as we have already done in our own country.
TB is a disease that affects both Australia and Vietnam and we have a lot to learn from our collaboration.

This cooperation is important to fight a disease which threatens Australia through its presence in neighbouring countries.

Our guests this week are attending a  reception dinner with Vietnam’s Consul-General, His Excellency Mr Mai Phuoc Dzung, and Faculty of Medicine Dean at the University of Sydney, Professor Bruce Robinson. It is hosted by Centenary Institute’s Professor Warwick Britton and Woolcock’s Professor Guy Marks.

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