How ‘junk DNA’ can control cell development

Centenary Institute Cell

Cell is regarded as one of the most prestigious journal to publish in.

Researchers from the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at Sydney’s Centenary Institute have confirmed that, far from being “junk”, the 97 per cent of human DNA that does not encode instructions for making proteins can play a significant role in controlling cell development.

And in doing so, the researchers have unravelled a previously unknown mechanism for regulating the activity of genes, increasing our understanding of the way cells develop and opening the way to new possibilities for therapy.

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Doping to Win: Professor John Rasko explains EPO abuse

John Rasko ABC CatalystCentenary Institute’s Professor John Rasko AO, Group Head of our Gene and Stem Cell Therapy lab, talked to Dr Maryanne Demasi about the use of life enhancing drugs in sports on the latests episode of Catalyst.

Professor Rasko explains how Erythropoietin (EPO) improves a persons stamina, as Catalyst investigates the substances at the forefront of the sports doping controversy.

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Insight Centenary: Why I do cancer research

Why I do Cancer Research

Me and my Dad.

I was seven weeks old when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer.  It was just a tiny lump in his neck.  They had just taken it out, and discovered it was a malignant adenocarcinoma of the parotid salivary gland.  This is a very slow type of cancer, which in a way is fortunate, because I did get to know my Dad.  They had to go back in and remove more tissue, and in doing so the nerve to the right side of his face was damaged.  This meant his face drooped a little on the right side.  To me this was just the way my Dad looked, but he always turned his right side away in photographs.

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