Can We Stop TB in Our Lifetime? Together We CAN.

Dr Magda Ellis (right) working with a colleague

Dr Magda Ellis (right) working with a colleague

For this year’s Stop TB campaign, you can make an individual call to stop TB in your lifetime. That’s the call to arms for the 2012 World TB Day campaign and Centenary has joined the fight. The Institute is part of the TB Research Movement, launched by the Stop TB Partnership and the World Health Organization (WHO), in a collaborative strategic effort to encourage, support and promote the importance of research into the disease.

These organisations have set a goal to eliminate TB globally by 2050. It’s a big job because two billion people carry TB. Only one person in ten will get sick but we don’t know which one.

An inspiring team of Centenary researchers has been working tirelessly in the global effort to better understand the pathogen and the disease so we can better identify the people at risk, and get them the help they need.

Centenary’s team of TB researchers is led by Professor Warwick Britton, a clinician and recognised international authority on the immunology of infectious diseases. He has been studying the immune response to TB and new vaccine strategies since 1990 but, importantly, he is passionate about improving health care in resource-poor countries.

“Seeing people waste away from tuberculosis is heartbreaking,” says Professor Britton. “Tackling TB at a global level is an enormous undertaking but it is not impossible.”

Dr Magda Ellis, a young researcher working with Prof Britton, is seeking to improve treatment of TB by tracking resistance to it among thousands of rural Chinese people with the help of a $750,000 NHMRC grant.

She is searching the highways and byways—and genomes—of rural China to find genetic clues that may one day unravel this mystery and lead to new targets for TB treatments or vaccines.

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