Caffeine Hit: Australian Made Energy Strips Concern Centenary Institute Cardiologist

Caffeine strips cardiovascular

Energy strips pose a cardiovascular concern to health experts.

New caffeine-laced energy strips that have recently hit Australian shelves are a major concern for Centenary Institute Cardiologist, Professor Chris Semsarian.

“Caffeine can increase your heart rate, it can increase your blood pressure, it can also increase the thickness of the blood in your blood vessels and that can lead to stroke,” Professor Semsarian said.

The wafer-thin strip that dissolves in a person’s mouth, allowing the caffeine to be absorbed quickly through the tongue, are made by Australian company Reddies and have already appeared on the shelves of 170 stores around the country.

The strips are marketed to students and athletes as a means to get caffeine hit without consuming the sugar associated with energy drinks.

Each pack contains five energy strips, with each strip the equivalent of a double espresso – 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Professor Semsarian says, “Caffeine is a drug and it can make you dependent. This can lead to highs and lows, it can lead to erratic behaviours, it can cause neurological problems and behavioural problems.”

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