About Centenary Institute

Our institute is at the forefront of medical research. Our scientists are dedicated to unravelling the mechanisms involved in sickness and in health. Our focus is basic research, which means that we investigate at a cellular level how our cells, genes and the proteins in our bodies work together. Our key areas of research are in cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, immunology, genetic diseasesliver disease and bioinformatics.

Our outcomes for the community include new treatments for breast cancer that have increased survival rates, improvements in cancer drug resistance and personalised cancer treatments, prevention of sudden cardiac death through early diagnosis and treatment, a high success rate of liver transplants, improved outcomes for patients with liver cancer and hepatitis C, improvement in the treatment of haemophilia, and detection of a person’s predisposition to asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Our work includes the development of vaccines to prevent the spread of tuberculosis, the discovery of new therapies to prevent diabetic complications related to the vascular system, the discovery of dietary effects that may feed cancer cell growth and reproduction, and the development of new technology to create images and even movies of the body’s immune response working in real time.

Our collaboration with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and University of Sydney is important because it enables us to apply our discoveries efficiently.

Our vision is for better global health through excellence in medical research and its translation into improvements in the prevention, treatment and cure of disease.

Our dream is to help people live better, longer lives and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

About the blog

Our aim for this site is to bring science to the community. The Centenary blog is designed to keep you up-to-date with news from Centenary Institute and help you get to know the people who work here. For more information about the organisation, please visit the Centenary Institute website.

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