A meeting of the world’s best minds celebrates Centenary

Annual Meeting

Centenary Institute Annual Meeting 2012

Eminent speakers, awards, expert researchers, the Governor of New South Wales – the Centenary Institute Annual Meeting truly is a celebration of everything we’ve achieved in the past 12 months.

It’s also the culmination of this week’s visit of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), an elite international group of scientists, who have spent three days assessing Centenary’s work and preparing a report that will help us set our course for the next year.

These eminent researchers bring an impartial, outside perspective, helping to keep Centenary on track and aiming for excellence, our director Professor Mathew Vadas says.

“You need eminent practitioners to come in and kick the tyres of the place and assess what it is doing,” Professor Vadas says.

“The process verifies the relevance, significance and quality of our effects, and allows me to say as much to donors.”

Advisory board members who visited this week include: