Ageing answers no longer a hard cell


Judith Campisi at the Future of Experimental Medicine Conference.

The holy grail of healthy old age may lie in the riddle of cells that stop cancer and hasten age at the same time.

Professor Judith Campisi, the head of research labs at San Francisco’s Buck Institute for Research on Ageing and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, presented this research at our Inflammation in Disease and Ageing conference in Manly.

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Surfing at 85 – The genetics of healthy ageing and cancer

Centenary Institute We’re living longer. That means that we’re all at greater risk of cancer and we’ll all suffer from bone loss. And for many of us, our final years will be difficult.

Josef Penninger plans to change all that. His vision is of a future where we can safely surf and live active lives at 85 years of age without fear of fracture, cancer or any of the other scourges of ageing.

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