Tracking cancer at a thousand cells a second

Centenary InstituteThe Cancer Institute NSW has pitched in half a million dollars towards operating a biochemical tracking machine which will form the centrepiece of one of Sydney’s newest research centres.

The Ramaciotti Centre for Human Systems Biology, opening in 2014, will be home to Australia’s first CyTOF (cytometry by time of flight) mass spectrometer which can follow up to 100 different cellular processes simultaneously in a thousand cells each second.

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Collaboration key to fighting diabetes

DiabetesThis week we reflect on the 2013 World Diabetes Congress (WDC) that was held in Melbourne between the 2-6 December. It was the biggest medical conference that’s ever been held in Australia, with over 10,000 delegates from over 130 countries, including world experts in science and health, diabetes sufferers, and their carers from all around the globe.

Not to miss out, a team of our diabetes and liver researchers from Centenary Institute presented some of their latest discoveries and listened to other experts in the field.

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What’s the chance? Creative statistics revealing how we inherit diseases

Lawrence Creative Prize

Dr Jian Yang, courtesy of University of Queensland News.

Centenary Institute’s 2012 Lawrence Creative Prize winner, Dr Jian Yang, has been awarded a prestigious $1.2 million fellowship to continue his work using maths to unlock the mysteries around why some people are more susceptible to disease than others.

The computational biologist from the University of Queensland won the 2012 Centenary prize for his work developing statistical software to analyse genetic data in a novel way, taking the whole genome into account, not just the genetic variant associated with the disease.

And that is exactly the type of work the Lawrence Creative Prize is developed to foster.

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