Hope for Hep C cure: No excuse for risk-taking, expert warns

Professor Geoff McCaughan

Exciting early indications of a cure for Hepatitis C do not mean we should become complacent about the risks of contracting the debilitating disease, a leading Australian researcher warns.

Professor Geoff McCaughan, right, head of the Liver Immunobiology Program at Sydney’s Centenary Institute of medical research, says preliminary results of a newly developed oral treatment regime for liver transplant patients with Hepatitis C were showing promising results.

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Committed Centenary Supporter Recognised for his Creativity

John Cutler

Committed Centenary supporter, John Cutler.

We love celebrating the successes of our committed Centenary supporters, just as we love celebrating those of our dedicated scientists.

Over the weekend we were delighted to see John Cutler of J. H. Cutler Bespoke, featured in the Australian Financial Review for his unique and internationally recognised creativity – he has crafted Australia’s most precious coat.

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