Centenary scientist named “lab legend” by The Australian

In South-East Asia alone, 130 million people carry the hepatitis virus – a statistic well known to Centenary liver scientist, Dr Thomas Tu, whose family members have been affected by the disease.

Vietnam 2010 600 (2)In an article by The Australian today, Dr Tu explains, “seeing people with the disease has been a driver in keeping me passionate about my research. Family members have contracted the disease, but no one talks about it. They are worried about telling workmates because of the stigma.”

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Skin Diseases – Immune Imaging team plays a major part in International Conference

Skin Diseases

The International Investigative Dermatology Conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, this year.

Skin diseases are a global problem. In order to gain a better understanding of skin cancer, eczema and skin infections, it requires international collaboration.

Earlier this month, several members of Centenary’s Immune Imaging laboratory attended the International Investigative Dermatology (IID) meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Centenary-led TB research centre knuckles down to work

Professor Warwick Britton

Professor Warwick Britton

  • Should TB patients be quarantined in hospital or treated at home?
  • What are the legal and ethical implications?
  • How can the newest TB drugs best be managed to avoid triggering resistance in TB bacteria?
  • What are the most effective ways of using the latest genomic techniques and information to combat TB?

These are just some of the questions that are becoming ever more critical as extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB looms on Australia’s horizon—it’s already in Papua New Guinea. They are also examples of the issues to be discussed on Thursday 2 May and Friday 3 May at the first symposium of the new NHMRC-funded Centre of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control, located at the Centenary Institute.

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Nobel Laureate Professor Rolf Zinkernagel visits Centenary

Nobel Laureate Professor Rolf Zinkernagel engaged in a dynamic round table discussion with Centenary Institute scientists this morning.

Professor Rolf Zinkernagel

Professor Rolf Zinkernagel at the Centenary Institute

Professor Zinkernagel – Professor Emeritus of The University of Zurich, Switzerland – is the 1996 Nobel Laureate (with Professor Peter Doherty) in Medicine “for research on the biochemical mechanism with which the immune system recognises and destroys virus-infected cells”.

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Liver disease: obesity and alcohol is a deadly combination

Liver Disease

Professor McCaughan believes you should “love your liver”.

The deadly exponential effect of the combination of obesity and alcohol, can increase the likelihood of liver disease in women, a new study has found.

Professor Geoff McCaughan, head of Centenary Institute’s Liver Injury and Cancer group, has recently commented on the findings of a new study that found overweight women who drink regularly, have a much higher risk of liver disease. Frighteningly, researchers believe these findings could also apply to men.

The research was based on a study of more than 107,000 UK women, which showed that the chance of developing liver disease is increased by both drinking and being overweight. However, when these factors were combined, the women in the study were three times more likely to develop liver disease.

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