2013 Centenary Institute Scientific Image Prize

Launched in 2009, the Centenary Institute Scientific Image Prize enables us to share imagery taken by our staff that directly ‘tells the story’ of our work in the most creative context.

The Eye of Sauron, Ka Ka Ting

The Eye of Sauron, Ka Ka Ting

Open to all Centenary staff, the 2013 Prize entries were judged by a panel lead by respected artist Janet Laurence and members of the Centenary Institute Faculty.

Recipients for the 2013 prize were announced at Centenary’s Annual Meeting and presented with their awards by special guest Professor Ian Frazer, who has reached international acclaim as the co-inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine (HPV) and was made the 2006 Australian of the Year. He is also a member of the Centenary Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board.

The images our scientists are able to take of their work are truly extraordinary – not only because of their scientific importance, but also because of the technological advances that reveal unheard of detail in the most captivating manner and their impact as a creative representation in their own right.

Dr Ka Ka Ting from our Vascular Biology group is this year’s Centenary Institute Scientific Prize winner with her image titled ‘The Eye of Sauron’ – a zoomed-in image of the Zebrafish eye with the green showing a distinct population of neurons in the eye and red being tubulins to outline neuronal processes.

Congratulations Ka Ka your image is an encapsulating representation of your work and an enchanting piece of art.

We also congratulate Dr Rohit Jain awarded 2nd place for his image titled ‘Corridors to Life’ and 3rd place joint recipients Dr Michael Lovelace and Garry Chang for their entries ‘Tunnel vision – an inside view of the single microtubule filament ‘ and ‘The Blooming Vascular Network’.

Check out the full gallery here.