Not one, but two: Young researcher wins top awards

Uni Sydney Scholarship

Hui (Emma) Zhang is delighted with her two awards of outstanding achievement this year.

Please join Centenary in congratulating Hui (Emma) Zhang of Centenary’s Molecular Hepatology unit in the Liver Injury and Cancer Group.

She is the winner of a 2012 Alumni Scholarship from The University of Sydney. These awards are given to only two PhD students in the whole of the Health Faculties of The University of Sydney annually. They are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and outstanding research potential.

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Fewer liver transplants look to be on the horizon

Liver transplants

Professor Geoff McCaughan is at the frontier of liver transplantation.

The latest of a set of new therapies to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections are so effective they could reduce the need for liver transplantation dramatically.

That’s the view of Professor Geoff McCaughan, Head of the Liver Injury and Cancer research program at the Centenary Institute, and Director of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s liver transplant program. And he has put it forward in a deliberately speculative paper on the frontiers of liver transplantation released in the Journal of Hepatology, one of the world’s most important liver publications.

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From the prick of a rose thorn to a better understanding of ageing


Professor Weninger, Immune Imaging Group Head

Following the prick of a rose thorn, a paper cut, or an infection our bodies start to fight back. And the defence begins with inflammation. That inflamed, tender, red patch we all know as the hallmark of a wound or infection is the result of certain white blood cells summoning the troops and increasing the blood supply to deal with a wound or invasion.

Professor Wolfgang Weninger, head of Centenary’s Immune Imaging program, who leads our work in research, says “understanding inflammation is becoming an important topic across Centenary, helping us understand cardiovascular disease, organ rejection and auto-immune diseases, for example. Another important issue is ageing. Our immune system response changes with age. It’s part of the process of ageing, where the body becomes less and less capable of coping with destructive events.”

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Young Centenary Foundation Supporter Shaves for Cancer Research

Young Centenary Foundation

In one of the most courageous displays of love we’ve ever seen, Sarah Bornstein has pledged to shave her head in support of her dear friend Geraldine Somers, and to raise much-needed funds for cancer research in Australia.

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Students tie for first place in 2012 USYD Immunology and Infectious Diseases Honours program

Vascular Research

Congratulations to Elizabeth Powter (Vascular Biology) and David MacDonald (Liver Immunology), who tied for first place in the class of 2012 USYD Immunology and Infectious Diseases Honours program. There were 19 students in the program this year, 9 of whom were based at the Centenary Institute.

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