How a simple infection can lead to something much worse


Dr Chris Jolly has made an important contribution to understanding how infections can trigger autoimmune diseases

The Centenary Institute has made an important contribution to a significant study that suggests how infections can trigger serious autoimmune diseases such as rheumatic fever.

The research, just published in the international journal Immunity, shows how, in unusual circumstances, the B cells of the immune system occasionally work against the body, producing antibodies that attack the cells of our own organs—in the case of rheumatic fever, the heart.

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Solving one of the great puzzles of human genetics

Lawrence Creative Prize

Jian Yang was present at the luncheon in Sydney, via Skype, where he received his $25,000 prize.

The winner of the Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize is Dr Jian Yang, from the Diamantina Institute of the University of Queensland.

He has solved one of the great puzzles of human genetics—why the genes typically implicated in inherited diseases like schizophrenia, obesity and diabetes only account for a small amount of their heritability.

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Broadening the possibilities for liver transplantation

Geoff McCaughn

Prof Geoff McCaughan will be speaking at world’s largest liver conference.

Research opens the advantages of organ transfer to wider groups of people, including heart patients and reformed addicts.

People on methadone programs or with certain forms of heart disease are among liver patients who could now benefit from transplantation, Professor Geoff McCaughan head of the Centenary Institute’s Liver Injury and Cancer research program will tell the world’s largest annual conference of liver specialists in Boston today.

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Our highly prized heart researcher

Cardiovascular ResearchNHMRC/National Heart Foundation early career fellow Dr Jodie Ingles just cannot seem to stop racking up awards for her work relating to how we care for people with genetic heart disease.

She has just been announced as the winner of the annual Rita and John Cornforth Medal (footnote) for the highest quality PhD across the entire University of Sydney and her contributions to the University and broader community.

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