Grants for Centenary’s tuberculosis and hepatitis C research

Dr David Bowen, Group Head Liver Immunology

Dr David Bowen, Group Head Liver Immunology, was one of the Centenary researchers that received funding.

Two Centenary researchers have received bridging grants from The University of Sydney to support projects in tuberculosis and hepatitis C.

Dr Bernadette Saunders received the funding for her work in the area of tuberculosis. Bernadette and her team are investigating the way in which cells communicate with each other when infected with the disease.
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Prof Semsarian warns energy drinks can trigger heart attacks

Professor Chris Semsarian, Head of the Molecular Cardiology Program at Centenary Institute, and a cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has appeared in Sydney media calling for greater caution when purchasing energy drinks and wants better labelling.

He warns that energy drinks can trigger heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions in young people because they speed up the heart and raise blood pressure.
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